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CE Hours

2.0 Hours


In this course, we will explore all levels of words from the basic to the complex and introduce instructional strategies to help our learners engage with all types of words in a way that suits them best where they are.

All strategies are meant to give the students a Toolbelt or what we here at Da Vinci like to call the “Brain Belt”, for considering vocabulary or words in a new or repurposed way.

At the end of this workshop, we want our collaborators at large to have multiple techniques based on sound research and evidence-based practices to impart to and employ with their students in a diagnostic and prescriptive way.

We will be able to identify the origin or nature of student-specific issues and craft instructional plans to meet their unique needs

Course Focus/Audience

Instructors and teachers of all kinds (professionals and parents), K-12 including general education teachers, special educators, reading/math specialists, teacher assistants, and related service providers.

Course Purpose

This course provides a comprehensive study of vocabulary and related instruction, using evidence-based practices, to help learners build word consciousness for each word tier.  Participants will explore strategies for selecting and considering words, word learning, content area applications, progress monitoring and self-regulated employment by learners.


Participants will be able to instruct learners in each of the different vocabulary strategies and how and when to employ them independently.  They will also be able to track student improvement via data collection and review practices.


We find for both our students and our collaborators having fun, friendly labels for our Brain belt strategies works best. So in this course, we will workshop with you all starting from the most basic vocab skills of naming and listing through multiple meanings, morphology, and content area application.

We will follow a gradual release model that will start with:

  • Introduction
  • Modeling
  • Observing and responding
  • To demonstration

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Kerry Leo

Kerry Leo

CEO, Founder

Kerry is an educational therapist and diagnostician trained extensively in Orton Gillingham and certified in several multisensory programs including: Wilson Language, Lindamood-Bell, Sonday System, Touch-Math, Perceptions Math, Writing Adventures, Dr. Maryanne Wolf’s RAVE-O, and more.

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